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Meet the staff

As well as Lindsey, the owner of Annie's, there are three other members of staff who are ready and willing to help you with your sewing needs.



Carole has been sewing since she was at school and whilst she is experienced in all areas of sewing she is the 'go to' at Annie's for children's clothes having made all manner of outfits for her Grandson since he was born!

As well as sewing Carole enjoys gardening, knitting and reading.

Her party trick is being able to peel and orange in one piece!




Kerry has been sewing since her son was young and needed curtains for his room shortening. She then got a taste for craft sewing before moving on to dress making.

In addition to sewing Kerry likes exercising, reading and cooking.

Her party trick is being able to flip and catch 22 beer mats with one hand! 



Jeanette also starting sewing at school and is our very own pantomime Queen having been involved in drama productions for 60 years which over the years has involved making a huge variety of costumes!

Alongside sewing and amateur dramatics Jeanette enjoys walking and gardening.

Her party trick is being able to dance the 'wooly bully' from start to finish!

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